Atelier Romy; for a contemporary spin on the signet ring

The signet ring has found its way back into our jewellery box (did it ever really leave?) and it’s had a modern update.

Fine jewellery brand Atelier Romy, founded by Sabine Roemer and Hermione Underwood, has taken the old status symbol and revamped it with clean cut, architectural lines. The Emerald ring collection has five standout characteristics that sets it apart, so in no particular order…

1. Colourways! There’s four to choose from, you just need to make a decision: silver, rose, gold or black. Or all of the above.

2. You can stack up multiple rings or wear them solo. In short, do more or do less.

3. It works both for casual and occasion wear, office and beyond.

4. It’s contemporary-cool but in an unassuming way that lets you mix up the rings with those long-standing, vintage pieces.

5. There’s an Emerald bangle collection to go with. Match it up.

Atelier-Romy-Emerald1 Atelier-Romy-Emerald2 Atelier-Romy-jewellery

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