Eight on-demand apps for when you’re in demand

By 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, that’s about 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. That’s a whole lotta smart.

With our burgeoning tech reliance, a wave of on-demand apps are revolutionising the way we do our everyday. But it’s not just personal chauffeurs and late night pizza deliveries, it’s so much more.

Scroll down for eight of our fav easy-to-use apps transforming our tech habits.


This is not a drill. Yes. There is an app designed for borrowing dogs.

A community connecting dog owners with trusted, local borrowers, sign up to find local dogs in your area and make a friend (or 10) for life – because dogs are better than people.

Download the app here.


London’s first digital beauty concierge, Ruuby gives you access to the appointment books of London’s top salons, spas and beauty therapists.

Book in live for those emergency maintenance moments, make an appointment for later, or purchase one of their exclusive beauty packages for an impromptu spa visit.

Download the app here.


If you live in London and you don’t have Citymapper, do you even live in London at all?

The only app there is for planning your journey, Citymapper plans your route any which way you like it; be it tube, train, Uber or bike. With real-time timetables and disruption alerts, the app can even calculate the percentage of bacon butty you burn en-route.

Download the app here.


From the company that deliver fresh ingredients and healthy recipes straight to your doorstep, HelloFresh’s app lets you browse thousands of delicious recipes, learn from the best with step-by-step cooking videos and sync nutritional info with your iPhone Health app. Being healthy has never looked so lazy.

Download the app here.

Urban Massage

When there’s no S/O to stroke your back on demand, Urban Massage is here to fill that non-romantic void. Book a professional massage wherever you are, and one of 500+ professional therapists can be with you in as little as 60 minutes.

Download the app here.


ClassPass is a monthly membership that connects you to 8,000+ of the best fitness studios worldwide.

Not feeling that spin class? ClassPass also gives you access to an hour’s worth of gym time, so you can take that treadmill at your own pace.

Download the app here.


That IKEA flat-pack furniture that’s been sat in your spare bedroom for the past 11 months? Sorted.

TaskRabbit matches freelance labour with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.

Download the app here.


You’re not dating right unless you’re doing it via your iPhone, and you’re definitely not doing it right unless you’re bonding over the things you hate.

Hater’s the latest in on-demand dating, connecting you with the people that dislike the same things you do. Swipe up for the things you love (manners), and swipe down on the stuff you hate (Trump).

Download the app here.

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