In the showroom with triplemelt

Our Finsbury Park showroom, based in the iconic Arts Building, is where it’s at.

Curated with the latest collections from our portfolio of clients, base for the London team and events venue. The showroom is also a hub for creatives to work from in order to hammer out amazing results be it around brand strategy, content planning, trends, proposals, editorial calendars (the list goes on). It’s light, it’s bright, it’s where the magic happens.

Last week we welcomed the team behind triplemelt – a lifestyle blogzine covering quick-reads on everything from fashion, beauty, books and travel – into the showroom to hot-desk for the day.

We interrupted their session to get the scoop on the team, forecasts for 2017 and upcoming projects. Here’s what you need to know…


What is triplemelt?

We’re a brand new blogzine where three women, with three main obsessions (fashion, beauty and books) create inspiring lifestyle content that takes no longer than three minutes to read or watch.

We know first-hand how busy women our age are, so we designed triplemelt to be somewhere full of great content, but all in bite-sized pieces. We regularly share our extensive expertise in the fields of fashion, beauty, books and more. And the real joy for us is that we get to do it as a team of three supportive friends who can achieve anything together (that’s the #powerof3).

Tell us something about each of you that not any one knows

Ali: I’m musical obsessed and in my ‘spare time’ (ha!) I’m collaborating with someone to turn one of my books into a musical.

Ashling: I’ve had a bath with Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey. If only I could remember it 😉 I was two!

Robyn: I cannot watch emotional films! I just hate sitting and crying. It’s a trauma that began when I watched Watership Down as a child.


Head to the blogzine for…?

A three minute boost of lifestyle inspiration, insights and honest, uplifting reads; expect our genuine take on fashion tips, make-up must-haves, glam getaways, news and reviews all delivered in a fast, friendly style.

2017 is about…?

Working together, nurturing our business and collaborating with other influencers and brands. Our ultimate goal is to enjoy all the exciting opportunities and new adventures ahead of us. Plus getting to work flexible hours as friends, as a team, with our families around us, is the icing on the cake. #teamtriplemelt

Best piece of career advice you’ve ever been given?

Ashling: Always treat people with respect. Be nice on the way up, because you don’t know who you’ll meet on the way down.

Ali: The only difference between success and failure is one word: yes. Focus on aiming for that yes, not the ‘no’s’ that we all hear before we get there. Then your dream won’t feel quite as distant.

Robyn: You spend most of your waking hours at work, so what you do really does have to make you happy.


You all have amazing CV creds, how do you stay organised/focused/motivated?

Ali: I’m the most disorganised person ever (although my kikki.K personal organiser might finally change that in 2017). Conversely, I am very disciplined. As a writer, you have to put in the hours to get the work done. And I’ve never been shy of hard work. When I need to focus I switch off the internet and set a timer for 45 minutes, I’ve learned it’s my maximum concentration span before I get distracted.

Robyn: Lists, lists, lists. Every night I always do my next day’s to-do list and write it in the order that I want to get things done. Also, a secret tip of mine is to give in and let go on the disaster days; we all have them. My motto is: ‘tomorrow is a new day’.

Ashling: I rarely switch off; I’m constantly looking for inspiration and thinking about the next idea but that’s because I’m doing what I love and essentially doing it for myself with my closest mates. Like Ali, I leave the organised bit to Robyn, as it’s definitely not my forte.

TMTV is coming soon – what can we expect?

Three minute videos: sometimes funny (often unintentionally), always informative. TMTV will be a place to take a quick break whilst taking something away too. You’ll get light-hearted yet informative chats where the three of us share our views, tips and stories. But it’s not just about us: our signature ‘Tea at 3’ series will feature us having a casual cuppa with inspiring, successful people we know.


Head over to triplemelt to read the latest from the team.

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