Wolf & Moon; the British jewellery brand designed and handmade in East London

We’re mega excited to announce a new partnership with British jewellery label Wolf & Moon.

Founded, designed and handcrafted by Hannah Davis, the affordable collections comprise of a striking balance of colours, textures and geometric forms.

At the age of 16, Hannah started crafting handmade jewellery and it wasn’t long before she pulled together her first full collection. Whilst studying a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University, Hannah began selling her jewellery under the name Wolf & Moon. With her trademark graphic designs, mix of materials and eye for colour, the brand quickly gained a loyal following, and you can now find Wolf & Moon in boutiques and online stores across the globe.

The striking yet elegant pieces are all handmade in an East London studio by a small but mighty team of makers. Inspired by the juxtaposition of the natural world against the man-made, scroll down for a look at the latest pieces from Collection No.5.


Arch Ring, £24


Curve Bangle, £45


Three Circle Necklace, £28


Two Arch Tassel Earrings, £84


Diamond Necklace, from £25


Tassel Arch Brooch, £40

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