10 takeaways from last night’s PR Remastered event

Push PR hosted its second PR Remastered event last night alongside  The London Fashion Agency covering everything you need to know about navigating the world of PR.

From Google Analytics to gifting bloggers, Push PR Founder Emma Hart,  London Fashion Agency Founder Rosie Davies, Jewellery Designer Jessica de Lotz and Natalie Lee of lifestyle blog Style Me Sunday shared their expert advice.

Here are 10 top takeaways to get down…


1.  “For any company, the most important thing is having a concise tone of voice, a story and something to say. Showing your own passion for your business is fundamental.” Emma Hart, Push PR Founder.

2. “Growing your company can be a slow process; you speculate before you accumulate. It takes a while for your brand to get to where you want to be.” Jessica de Lotz, Jewellery Designer.

3. “Know the brand or person you’re pitching to – tailor your emails and don’t send them irrelevant content.” Natalie Lee, Founder of Style Me Sunday.

4. “Knowing who your audience is can cut out the white noise, and make sure you’re strategic in your targeting. Google Analytics is fundamental to your business – knowing where your traffic is coming from and who your audience is is essential.” Emma Hart, Push PR Founder.

5. “We look for bloggers that produce beautiful content, but are also very consistent in what they produce and who they work with. You can’t promote ethical clothing one day, and fast fashion the next” Rosie Davies, London Fashion Agency Founder.

6.  “It’s a myth that the luxury market and social media can’t intertwine. Social media is a necessity for any brand.” Emma Hart, Push PR Founder.

7. “Don’t take on any clients you don’t believe in. If you can’t see them fitting in with your company, just don’t do it.” Rosie Davies, London Fashion Agency Founder.

8. “You can’t trust numbers when it comes to influencers. It’s all about content engagement. Are their followers commenting on their content and conversing?” Natalie Lee, Founder of Style Me Sunday.

9. “Be mindful of the bloggers and influencers you work with  – I’ve been bitten before and gifted beautiful bespoke work, without so much as a thank you. It’s an amazing feeling when people genuinely love your work and want to share it with their audience.” Jessica de Lotz, Jewellery Designer.

10. “Competition is good. It may seem uncomfortable, but it can open up new opportunities and collaborations.” Emma Hart, Push PR Founder.


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