Hello 2017


It’s 2017, it’s back to reality after what can only be described as a VERY satisfactory Christmas break.

We have returned to our desks fresh-faced (ish) and determined to go guns blazing into January. Now, we are not about to preach anything remotely “New Year, new you” because we hate that, we like you just the way you are. So, instead of championing the notion of a new self the Push team have shared a few things that they want to achieve this year as and when it suits. With a side on why resolutions blow.


Pippa Roberts, Fashion Director

I generally despise the whole new year’s resolution thing. The self hatred that comes mid January when you’ve broken them all is never ideal. That said, I am determined to learn Spanish (again!)  having had three trips to native Spanish speaking countries in 2016.  My Spanglish is not good, and let’s face it Spanish guys are hot.

Georgia Randrup, Account Executive

I’m going to make a conscious effort to try new restaurants (instead of my go-to: Kaosarn in Brixton Village). I need make use of the fact I live in London and get cultural, as well as try to focus more on what makes me happy. I also want to find an actual hobby! Maybe a boozy book club?

Daisy May Sitch, Editorial Content Director

I am a creature of habit, I don’t like change. I stick to what I know so rarely resolve to stop doing stuff I like just because it’s January. So my 2017 will be a continuation of exactly that, as well as: reading a book a month minimum, doing something with my hair, potentially moving out of my (deep) South London digs, learning all the skills.

Bex Broughton, Senior Account Executive 

I don’t generally make new year’s resolutions, however, if I had to choose one it would be to get through the trauma of turning 30 this year. And as Suede aren’t playing (as yet) until 2019, I want to see as many other bands as I can. Also, book a holiday as I spent most of last year travelling with Suede so I didn’t really get one.

Pippa Bugg, Editorial Content Manager

I want to write a book, well start one (which I’ve been saying for about three years now). I’m not sure what it’s about – or who it’s aimed at – but I’ll figure that out at some point over the next 12 months. THIS IS THE YEAR. Maybe.

Rebecca Evans, Executive Assistant

I love a new year. I am a serial procrastinator, list maker and planner – while I may not follow everything, it makes me feel like I am heading in the right direction for the year ahead. Another year older, another set of things I want to do to get sorted. January 2017 is about getting myself on a motorcycle!

Emily Hall, PR Co-Ordinator

This year I am determined to do things for myself – things that make me happy and worry less about what other people think. I also want to be much more adventurous when it comes to taking little trips away! Not really a new year’s revolution, but a new way to think.

Jordanne Young, Account Manager – Fine Jewellery

To get more song lyrics into daily conversation, particular dropping Drake lyrics in meetings. Case in point:

“I guess you lose some and win some / Long as the outcome is income”

“I learned working with the negatives could make for better pictures”

*mic drop*

Phoebe Allen, Junior Account Executive

I really want to learn French. At least past the ‘le sac = the bag’ stage.

Kat Watson, Lifestytle Director

I’ve never been great at setting goals and sticking to them. I seem to talk a lot about the things I want to do and never seem to make the time for myself to actually do them, so this year is all about doing just that and ticking boxes.  I won’t bore you with the full list but let’s just say it involves moving back into the city, spending less time looking down at my phone, new trainers, heaps of sunshine and a lot of time in the water. As for giving up wine this month? That would be mainly no.

Push x

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