#AtMyDesk with Anita Bhagwandas, freelance Beauty and Features Journalist

Last week award-winning freelance Beauty and Features Writer, Anita Bhagwandas, set up office in the Push showroom at the kikki.K hotdesk.

Previously Senior Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, Beauty & Health Editor at Women’s Health, and Features and Beauty Writer at Stylist, Anita is basically the Queen Bee for all things beauty.

From Metallica to moodboarding-reminders, here’s what we learnt from our catch up.


1. What are your top tips for staying organised / meeting deadlines?

I may be the wrong person to ask – I really struggle with this. But I think knowing the way YOU work is key, rather than doing what everyone else does. I know that I have to clear my inbox or it stresses me out. So I file everything away rather than having loads of emails. I look at my emails three times a day max (unless it’s about something super specific and I’m waiting for a lead), otherwise all you do is answer people’s emails and you’ll do no work. Also, Trello is my fave app ever – I use it to organise my lists.

2. What five things are a permanent feature on your desk at home?

handcream, I love the Grown Alchemist‘s Vanilla and Orange Peel one which is super hydrating and uplifting (needed when deadlines threaten to engulf you.) A day planner (mine’s the spotty kikki.K one) to make sure you know what you’re doing that day. A face mist, at the moment I’m using one by Amly. A giant water cup, mine’s Kate Spade and has an A on it. Finally a deck of question cards from The School of Life called 100 Questions – they help me to think about things in a different way.

3. Do you procrastinate? How do you stay focussed?

I do. I’ve got a very short attention span and know I can only work in 30 minute chunks. I time it using my alarm and I also use an app called Toggl which helps me see how long I’m spending on certain tasks. Emails are the worst – they are the enemy of productivity. I try to get up at 6.30am and I always get dressed so I’m less tempted to procrastinate.

4. Notepad, iPhone or Post-It notes?

Notepad for launches and planning, iphone for organisation and admin, post its for affirmations and reminders!

5. Headphones while you work –  yes or no? If so, what on your playlist makes you feel most productive?

Yes – I have to do this, especially if I’m in an office. I listen to Hawaiian music that makes me feel like I’m on holiday or Metallica. There’s something about their stuff in particular that’s not distracting! It probably is to most people but I’m a metalhead so…

6. Do you mood-board?

I do sporadically. I should though – thanks for the reminder.


7. How do you stay creative and continue to push your professional self?

Read and watch loads of different things. If you work in one particular area read about the other things that aren’t linked to that. A bigger picture allows you to have a better context  of what’s really going on. Also when you’re doing your thing – whatever that is – just focus on your own shit. That’s my biggest lesson…I’m still learning it.

8. Where do you get ideas from when it comes to pitching content?

Everywhere – conversations, tv, online, social. I’m really instinctive with what I think will be be of interest to people – and I think that’s a good way to be. if you overthink things you tarnish their beauty.

9. How do you de-stress?

I work out or watch Chelsea Handler on Netflix. LOVE HER.

10. Do you still write (and post) letters or are you all about social media / instant messaging / email?

I don’t anymore. I send thank you cards but that’s it.

11. Favourite social platform and why?

Twitter – It’s just so funny. There’s so many brilliant people on there. Insta is cool too, but it’s easier to ‘curate’ an idealised version of yourself. On twitter it’s still super raw and real.

Push x

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