#AtMyDesk with Corinne Redfern

Hot desk at Push PR with kikki.K

This week award winning Features Editor and Writer Corinne Redfern came into the showroom to hot desk as part of our kikki.K #AtMyDesk campaign.

Push has created a dreamy work space for industry creatives to use as a base in between meetings, deadlines, travel and day-to-day happenings. Said space comes complete with kikki.K stationery and an amazing view of London’s skyline from our showroom. Fourth floor of the Arts Building is where it’s at.

Here’s what Corinne had to say about adrenaline fuelled journalism and navigating mountains with no Wi-Fi…


1. What five things are a permanent feature on your desk?

Approximately three cups of half-drunk tea. Also moisturiser – when I get really stuck for ideas, I’ll just sit and apply moisturiser and pretend I’m a Beauty Editor, when really I’m just delaying doing actual work. In terms of stationery, I have piles and piles and piles of notebooks. Oh, and recently I was sent a Golden Tampon Award For Services To Feminism, which was the best thing to ever happen to me. It’s literally just a gold-spray painted tampon in a frame. So I have that, too.

2. You’re no stranger to a crazy schedule, often working abroad. What are your top tips for staying organised and prioritising?

Lists! I’m really good at lists! I mean, I’m best of all at writing lists and then ignoring them, but I make them all the same. When I’m working abroad, I try to make the most of plane journeys (although I invariably just fall asleep), and I generally stay up quite late replying to emails so that I don’t fall behind too much. But when it comes to prioritising, it’s often just determined by which deadline is approaching the fastest, and going from there.

3. How do you stay focused?

Adrenaline helps. Last year I was writing quite a lot about the refugee crisis, and when it came to flying home from Munich at the end of a long week, I ended up writing 3000 words in the airport, because I really wanted to get it all down on paper (a word document) as soon as possible. I mean, they were terrible words, and I totally had to rewrite most of them the next day, but when it’s a really exciting story, focusing isn’t a problem.

4. What pages are open in your browser right now?

Two different Gmail accounts, because I’m an idiot and I haven’t quite worked out how to merge them yet. Twitter, because it’s the most useful tool for finding case studies (and annoying all of my followers with shout outs for case studies). And Photoshop, because I’m very, very slowly attempting to teach myself how to use it.

5. How do you cope with no Wi-Fi zones when travelling?

I rack up a massive phone bill by texting my boyfriend and asking him to Google things for me from home (he once had to send me step-by-step directions to get from Austria to Germany over the top of some mountains). Generally it’s not much of a problem though. Free Wi-Fi is often more accessible overseas than it is in the UK (seriously, we could learn a lot from Armenia), and as long as I have a means of checking my emails a couple of times a day, I don’t need it as much as I need a pen and paper.



6. What three pieces of stationery can’t you live without?

A pen, a back-up pen for when I lose the first one, and a narrow-ruled notebook.

7. Notepad, iPhone, Post-It notes or your computer?

I’m in awe of people who use Post-It notes. My friend used to cover her desk in them, and it was like she was working in the centre of a highly-organised fluorescent fireball. I generally have about three notebooks on the go, then when I really don’t have time to get one of those out of my bag (or I lose the ability to hold my Dictaphone at the same time a pen), I’ll type things up on my iPhone instead.

8. Headphones, yes or no? If yes, what on your playlist makes you feel most productive?

I involuntarily block anyone and anything out when I’m concentrating, so I don’t bother listening to music during the day because I know I’d just block that out too.

9. Where does your inspiration come from? Do you mood board?

I would love to be the kind of person who mood boards! I don’t even Pinterest, although that’s mostly because whenever I do go on that site, I turn into the social media equivalent of Rumpelstiltskin and lose entire afternoons at a time.

10. How do you stay creative and continue to push your professional self?

The paralysing fear of not being able to pay rent is quite motivating! Also – and this sounds really nauseating, sorry – I care quite a lot about some of the subjects I’m writing about, so I genuinely want push myself to find places and platforms for my features. If I feel myself running out of ideas, I’ll try to set up a couple of days where I spend my time running across London to meet new people for coffee.

Sometimes they’re people who I’ve seen on Twitter who I’d just really like to get to know, sometimes they work for a charity or a brand that I’m interested in, sometimes they’re just friends-of friends. By the end of the day I’m high on caffeine and have always found something I want to look into further.


11. Describe your work space at home.

It’s a hallway.

Seriously. When I went freelance, I wanted to have a space where I could go and shut myself off from the rest of the house (and in turn, shut myself off from work in the evenings). It hasn’t quite worked out like that because a) I’ve discovered working in bed is more comfortable, and b) the hallway doesn’t actually have a door. But I’ve put my desk by the window and sometimes people come round in the evenings and go ‘ooooh, you have an office!’. Which is fun, if largely inaccurate.

12. How do you de-stress?

This is where I think I’m supposed to say ‘yoga and running’. But really it’s just red wine and Netflix.

13. Do you still write (and post) letters or are you all about social media/ instant messaging/ email?

I love that this question includes the posting part of letter writing! I just wish we could do away with stamps. Every year I make hundreds of Christmas cards and handwrite them all, then hand out about 10 of them. It’s the same with post cards and thank you notes and letters and birthdays and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. If you’ve never received anything in post from me, assume that it’s somewhere in my house, waiting for a stamp.

Push x

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