Go intergalactic, step inside the #PushODYSSEY showcase

This week we went all out on the space front to create a #PushODYSSEY showcase that would take guests out of Finsbury Park and into the beyond.

It was out there, it was metallic, it was loaded with balloons. It was Barbarella.

Not only were client collections presented but there were beauty space-overs (all about the trippy eyes by Phyllis Cohen of Face Lace AND nails by manicurist Tabby Casto), a futuristic Errol Douglas braid bar, a piercing pop-up courtesy of Into You London (for single studs) and a galactic GIF machine. And then there was the endless supply of unbelievable canapes by Food Artist Juliet Sear.

“We have a beautiful showroom and I always want to maximise it,” said Emma Hart, Push Founder and Creative Director.

“I started thinking about trends and worked back from futuristic and metallic and then arrived in space. I love working on visuals and creative concepts. It all begins with mood boards.”

How does Push take the “press day” format and flip it on its head? First off, we don’t call it a press day.

“The showcase is a celebration of the Push company culture, the team and the brilliant clients we work with. We do not stick to seasons, it’s all about the overall message and essence of the designers and brands and the personalities followed by product.

“We are passionate about storytelling brands and businesses. We also invite a vast selection of people from other non client brands to creative directors, photographers, branding experts and luxury retail consultants. We go way beyond the PR model to connect people.

“We’re already planning the next one and working on Christmas 2016 campaigns for all clients. Next date for your diary? 13th July #PushWRAPPED”

Take a look inside PushODYSSEY…

Photography by Emma Parlons.

push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 molly-and-the-wolf-push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 under-the-same-sun-push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 silke-london-push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 silke-london-push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA silke-london-push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016RA push-pr-london-emma-hart push-pr-london-push-odyssey push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA push-pr-london-push-odyssey push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-odyssey-showcase-2016 push-pr-london-push-odyssey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA push-pr-london-push-odyssey P4200274

Huge thank you to our drinks sponsors Lab Organic, Borough Wines, Warner Edwards Gin and Pete Spanton Tonic.

Push x

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