Athena’s Seven Wonders of Beauty

Beauty tips to blow your mind!

The illustrious Athena exists as the goddess of arts and wisdom, and Aleysha Mawani’s newly launched Athena salon on Brick lane certainly lends itself to its name. Athena brings to life creativity – empowering women to express themselves through hairstyling, makeup and nail art. Here at Push we’ve been lucky enough to visit the amazing salon and each time we leave with new tricks of the trade. So, with this in mind, we thought we would share some of our new found wisdom, read on to uncover Athena’s seven mind-blowing beauty tips!

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1. THE GAME-CHANGER: Always start your makeup with your eyes first to avoid eyeshadow falling onto your base. Most women start with their base and risk wiping product away after applying eye makeup!

2. THE SMOKY SAVANT: Use a pencil eyeliner and blend outwards with a fluffy brush for the ultimate smoky eye look

3. THE PIGMENT POP: Wet your brush before applying powder eyeshadow for a vibrant pop of colour

4. THE LASH MASTER: Mascara tip – wiggle out from the root and twist upwards to curl and

5. THE LIFE LESSON: Eyebrows are sisters not twins! Eyebrows are notoriously hard to match. Don’t waste your time trying to make them identical, as long as they look similar in shape/length/colour – that is all that matters.

6. THE SAVIOUR: Always prime eyes with a primer or a combination of concealer and powder before applying eyeshadow to avoid creases

7. THE UPSIDE-DOWN: Try applying your eyeshadow from the top down – some people find it easier to master highlighting before building up with colour


We hope you enjoy trying out these masterful tricks!

Push PR x

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