Meet The Team: Showroom Manager Sophia Lysaczenko

Sophia Lysaczenko, Push PR LondonNext up on our indepth view of  ‘Meet The Team is Sophia Lysaczenko, Showroom Manager at Push PR London.

Wardrobe staple?

My Wardrobe staples is black smart trousers and a shirt, classic! It can’t go wrong as it fits every occasion

How did you end up working at PUSH?

I previously interned at Alexander McQueen, I was looking at a few internships and PUSH seemed like the right choice and I was correct. I worked for 3 months as an intern and was asked to stay. Now fully employed and my title is Showroom Manager.

Most memorable moment at PUSH?

Moving day!!! Not the most glamorous moment however highly enjoyable. Seeing all the PUSH PR office move into Exmouth House on Exmouth Market with all hands on deck was exciting moment for me and I suppose PUSH PR as well. We went for a meal after our long day, which was where I felt we had such a strong team.

3 pieces of advice for budding PR’S?

For budding PR’s, take notes so you don’t miss a trick, always keep a look out for new ideas, story’s, trends, media, and help as much as you can to learn as much as you can.

Describe a perfect weekend, 3 words…

Secret location, private dinners, rounder’s !!!

Your biggest pinch yourself moment?

Graduation, not the actual graduation day but the last day of class. It was actually a big day for me finishing a 4 year course and being the first in the family to do so…just was shocked I had done it and I gave it everything I had!!

If PUSH could represent any brand in the world, who would you choose?

Creatures of the Wind

Who are you most inspired by in the fashion industry?

Emma Hart

Any style secrets?

Never show your bra and don’t wear a low cut top to work! Pick a style and go with it that day not 3 trends in one outfit. Sharp and cool always wins…I have more…

Clothes or cosmetics?

Vintage clothes, smart clothes, fancy clothes, occasion clothes, trend clothes, designer clothes, high-street clothes, old clothes, favourite clothes, sparkly clothes…

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