The Fashion Shows Series – Milan

Another week, another Fashion hot spot.  This week Milan has been showcasing some of the finest designers including, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce and Gabbana, and Missoni.

Today our Account Executive Tanya will be showing you the Milano ropes, from what to wear and where to go.  Tanya’s got it covered!

Milan adores fashion, naming some of their restaurants, cafés and even hotels after designers.  Maison Moschino is no exception, claiming that the four star hotel “meets a few clouds”, you’ll be in the lap of luxury.

After a day of trawling the shops (Tip – Pinko by Mark Fast will launch September in flagship stores, must see!) you will have built up a substantial appetite.  Take yourself down to Pane e Acqua, where the food is organically sourced and made by the finest Italians.  Don’t believe me? Check out the sample menu below!

Above all, do NOT order a cappuccino after 11am – the consequences are dire.

Check back next week for our final instalment, where our Deputy Fashion Director, Katharine takes you to Paris where the big guns, McQueen and Dior, showcase their SS12 collections.   

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