Interview: Christopher Lee Sauve

We grabbed Christopher Lee Sauve for a few minutes at the NYLA Boutique launch to chat about working with the girls, scandals and that infamous Rachel Zoe incident!

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, black, chunky silver accessories, big black YSL shades, texture and  structured drape.

What does a normal working day for you consist of?

Iced coffee, magazines, organizing, iced coffee and repeat…

What are the NYLA girls like to work with?

They are incredible, very creative and so driven. These girls are going to go far.

Who would be the Christopher Lee Sauvé wearer?

People who like to express themselves and who love fashion.

Do you ever feel worried about your designs, especially after the Rachel Zoe incident?


What has been your favourite scandal?

I would say Coco Chanel

Having a twitter and blog yourself, what do you think of social media? How important is it?

I think it is very fun, great way to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world, it brings us closer together. Also great source of inspiration when people post things about art, fashion etc….

Who/What has been your greatest fashion influence?

The streets of NYC.

Where does your inspiration come from?

It isn’t one specific thing but everything, sometimes it’s something someone says, or a magazine, when I travel, but it never comes from fashion itself, more from the people and personalties who work in fashion and there eccentricities.

Who’s your favourite designer and what do you love about them?

Jean-Charles De Castelbajac. He is just brilliant, his choice of color and subject, his taste in music, it’s amazing. He sent me photos of himself wearing my t-shirt and I almost had a stroke!

If you could have any accent other than your own, what would it be?

Other than Canadian? I would say British, but real British not like Madonna British…

Favourite quote:

“Be Yourself”

In a nutshell your philosophy is:

Always do what makes you happy. Never give up. Be open to inspiration from all things, people and places and always do something.

To view the Scandal collection, click here.

For more information on Christopher, check out his website here.

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