Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is creeping up on us and is now only a few weeks away (3rd of April to be precise). So EC One are on the campaign to find the ‘Best Mum in the World’ and award her (and the doting son or daughter) with £300 to spend on stunning designer jewellery at EC One.

To enter this rather fabulous competition all you have to do is head to the EC One Facebook page, find the Mother’s Day photo album and upload your favourite photo of you and your Mum. Write a caption telling EC One why your Mum is the best in the world, and they will announce the winning photo on Tuesday 5th April. Easy as that!

The lucky pair will receive £300 to spend together in-store at EC One, on jewellery of their choice.

Love Push PR, love your Mum, love EC One!

Here at Push PR we don’t want our mums to go unnoticed. So below are some pictures of us when we were little ones with our mums. The Push PR mums are definitely the best in the world.

“My mum is the best in the world because she’s put up with me for the past 23 years, which is a task in itself. She’s always been there for me and my brother and provided us with a beautiful home and loving upbringing. She made me who I am today. I love her.”

Hannah Dick – Online Account Executive

“My Mum is the best mum in the world because she has always worked so hard to give me and my two sisters the best possible life, never wanting for anything she sacrificed many things to make us happy and provide a loving family home. She has also taught me to never give up on my dreams and to always reach for the stars!! My mummy is amazing!”

Melissa Bennett – Account Executive


“My mum is the best in the world because she has always been there for me and offered me invaluable support and unfaltering unconditional love. She also happens to be the best grandma sweetie-pie in the world to Sonny and Scarlett.”

Emma Hart – Director

 “My mum Madalena is my role model because she is the most loving and generous person I know. She is a typical Latin mother who feels the need to feed anyone and everyone that walks through the door. My mum is gorgeous always glamourous and I love her.”

Tanya – PR Assistant

“Where do I start, I could be here for hours on why my mum is the greatest!!!  Caring, great listener, always cake baking, the best cuddler in the world and most of all, they’re aint no other like her, that’s why she’s so special!!!”

Katharine Watson – Senior Account Manager

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