Finalist – Julie Impens

Describe your collection in 5 words:
Feminine, elegant, delicate, narrative and timeless
What does a normal working day for you consist of?

What I like about being a designer is the fact of knowing that 2 days are never going to be the same.
Lately I have been designing a lot which means for me spending hours on the computer, designing new shapes and most of all new patterns.
Who/What inspires you?
My inspiration comes mainly from my home country history and traditions.
For my collection, I decided to pick a muse, to inspire my work, a woman who symbolises a sense of French grace, lavishness and femininity that I am emphasizing in my designs. My muse is Marie-Antoinette d’Autriche.
Despite the fact that she wasn’t born French she is the most famous queen that France crowned over the centuries and symbolises in an ironic contradiction: one of the most famous era of the French monarchy and its loss.
Inspiration for my work came from Marie-Antoinette herself and also the epoch she lived in, which is why I looked at the Rococo era and the splendor of the court of Versailles but I used those elements in a more modern and graphic way.
In addition I have looked at the beauty of the eighteenth century garments and the detailed laces, which also portray the wealth of French heritage, at a time when France was associated with grace, leisure and an utopian lifestyle.

Where do you buy your jewellery from?
My jewellery comes from everywhere. It depends on my mood and on what I want to wear and buy.
If i go casual i will probably wear something coming from an antic fair, if there is a special event I will then wear something of my own creation.
That is the good thing about making jewellery, you can create a piece that will perfectly work with your outfit.
Jewellery tip for the season?
I love fashion, knowing what people are going to wear next season but I don’t follow the trends so much myself.
The reason why I don’t is because I love having my own identity throughout my clothes and my jewellery.
To me, jewellery is suppose to be a tool to make you feel confident about the way you look, about the way people are going to see you.

Who’s your favourite jewellery designer and what do you love about them?

My favorite designer is probably Stefan Hafner and his New Classic style.
I like his work because it is always extra-feminine and really architectural.
In a nutshell your philosophy is:
For me it is important: to have my feet set in the present my mind open to the future and my heart attached to the past.

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