Liquorice AllSorts

Who’d had ever thought these Bassetts bonbons would become a trend. A trend brought up in Vogue no less.

Well one chap certainly did. Josh Wayman, the gentleman behind footwear brand Kandee Shoes is yet again one foot ahead of the others. This AW Kandee Shoes has gone bad – bring out some amazing studded heels as well as these flats named – ‘Liquorice Allsoles’

Hot on the heels of Kandee is accessory store Swagger & Swoon who have enough bow-ties to fill a Bassetts bag. Check out these candy coloured treats.

Swagger & SwoonFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

And if us telling you that sweets are really cool isn’t quite winning you over. Here is Vogue to back us up…

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