Vintage at Goodwood

Vintage hasn’t always been in vogue. With a few trial and error decades it became officially cool (again)  after Miss Moss paraded her Twenties flapper dresses all around town. This was quickly followed by the fashion crowd like Sienna Millar, Alexa Chung etc… Topshop also got in on the act creating some ‘vintage inspired’ looks, and vintage megastores like Beyond Retro and Absolute Vintage in east London became a hipster hangout for the trendy kids of today.

If your into vintage and you don’t know whats happening this weekend…well where have you been!?

This weekend is the UK’s first vintage festival, Vintage at Goodwood. This three-day inaugural celebration of fashion, music and culture will feature the largest pop up vintage highstreet our fine country has ever seen. Also some cool bands are playing (think The Faces, Noisettes etc…) and there is a roller disco!

If vintage is your look of choice then here are our cheeky tips on where to buy your get up: – offers a fabulous array of the most desirable and coverted vintage clothing, footwear and accessories online. A one-stop-shop so to speak. – Vanya creates vintage inspired hand-made jewellery. – is well-known for her vintage pill boxs and tins made into lip balm and rose balm cases.

Now we hope you all have a lovely time (said through gritted teeth and a PR smile)

Vintage at Goodwood is this weekend at the Goodwood estate, West Sussex.

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