End of July

How has July ended already? A month full of proper British summertime sunshine (and rain), good music, great coverage and not much sleep. It’s been the quickest month of the year for sure.

In the Push PR office, July mostly consisted of our uber successful Christmas Press Day. With a great turnout from all the best magazines/blogs/newspapers. It was a very very long day (waking up at half 5 and getting home at midnight). But of course the most talked about subject with press and our clients was the arrival of a Hollywood A-lister, Mr Jeff Goldblum. He even went as far as saying ‘Push PR are the heartbeat of London’. Take note of that one.

Mr Goldblum actually liked one Pushette rather a lot and took her on a date the next day – eeek! Celeb-tastic.

With the talk of celebrities came the lovely Diana Vickers who looked stunning in Jasper Garvida on the National Lottery Show. The Push PR team are still in whispers with the Vickers team for up and coming projects…. hush hush stuff.

Olivia jetted off on a rather lovely holiday to Majorka and came back looking incredibly bronzed and refreshed. Not content enough with a lushous holiday she got some fantastic Goodman Morris coverage in Sunday Times Style  and then went to celebrate at Love Box Festival. (Wild Child)

Living life in the fast lane, Emmas July festival was ‘Lollibop’. Apparently it’s brilliant if your under 10 or a super cool oldie (Emma made us write that bit). Along the same lines Emma and her little girl Scarlet also got a mention on 6 Music. Making fishcakes for the first time is worthy of 6Music convocation. She also popped down to the seaside town of Brighton and decided to visit the newly open Cote Restaurant. If your in Brighton, it is a must visit. Emma was very impressed with the tasty nibbles on offer.

Both Ian and Katharine moved house (not together obviously) into lovely shiny new abodes. Katharine went to about 10,000 weddings and hen nights, whereas Ian went to an antiques market and got merry in Liverpool. They also joined forces to represent the Push PR clan at the Marie Claire September Issue Party.

Hannah went to a very lovely wedding in York and did a car boot sale – netting £90. Winner. She attended some fash-pack events listing the Sapphire Model party as the best one after being provided with Mohito flavoured cupcakes, Mohito drinks and a fab goodie bag.

We welcomed some great new clients – Bivolino, The Mandon Store, BunnyHug.com, Avaa.co.uk and Ocabini and continued to great coverage on all our clients across the board.

That is pretty much a summary of our month. Bring on August and the Christmas RUSH.

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