Brighton Does Indeed Rock

We just had to share this with you… 

Found on this wonderful blog (written by a Dachshund that wears pearls) is an amazing blog about our very own Ian and Olivia…. 

There’s nothing like a little sunshine to tempt Londoners to hop on the train and enjoy a day beside the seaside. So it came to pass that Messers Dapper and Pert graced Goodman Morris Towers with their esteemed presence. Being friendly souls we took our Fashion Faves for a quick spin around town. Seduced by the pervasive tang of malt vinegar we hit the pier for that Brighton Summer classic, fish, chips and mushy peas. No you naughty London types, it’s not guacamole!

I’ve heard it said that the spirit of Brighton can get under your skin. Just look at what happened to Ian and Olivia from Push PR. Previously pictures of sartorial elegance, they had soon embraced a slightly more laissez faire attitude. (Although I do think Ian looks a little bemused by the situation he finds himself in.) Comments please…

As if that were not enough excitement, we trawled some goodies on our return journey to GM Towers. A rather fantastic I heart Brighton tee shirt for the fragrant Olivia and this image of jewellery for sale on the pier. We at Goodman Morris are not the only ones channeling a key trend.

Then, with a flip of floral skirt and snap of briefcase, as quickly as they came, they were gone…

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