Tried and Tested

The day before Glastonbury the lovely ladies at sent over some goodies for us. This box contained glitter tubes in all the colours you would ever need, with some henna too. At first we were worried, art is not a strong point…at all. Then the thought of cutting the tips off while sitting in a field..messy. We’d only ever seen henna on holiday, where hippies sit on the floor drawing beautiful pieces on art on young keen skin.

But with a little bit of help from an arty friend, the glitter and henna went down a treat. All those worries you have were not a problem. The glitter and henna came out evenly and easily, sticking to the skin quickly. Even with the sun burning down on our pale skin the glitter stayed on, not budging until bedtime when it was easily peeled off.

Now onto the henna…. This stuff is amazing!!! By no means are we expert applicators but it looked great even with a shakey hand. In true Push PR fashion, Hannah decided to brand herself with an I Love Push henna tattoo…. and yes….a week later the colour hasn’t faded at all and it’s still a feature on her arm.

And yes… a week later here it is on the dodgy phone camera at the desk…

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