Jewellery Week


Jewellery piece of the day – Tuesday – Goodman Morris ‘Key Bracelet’

Jewellery piece of the day – Monday – David Webdale ‘Flux Crown Ring’


What better way to start of Jewellery Week than with a couple of interviews with jewellery designers.

Push would love to introduce those of you who don’t already know to – Mr Nicholas King.

Nicholas King’s background in jewellery spans over a decade now with his debut as a designer in his own right happening in 2009. His roots were designing clothes with John Galliano, before moving onto buying at DKNY then turning to jewellery design.

How would you describe your style?

My collection style is bold, big and challenging! My own style not so much. I would hope its understated, smart, classic and not too boring.


What does a normal working day for you consist of

I like to try to start my day as early as I can , usually with a run and a coffee. Then it really depends on where we are in the year. The fun part , i.e designing, is usually kept to a short burst of energy a few times of year, but I am thinking and planning the collection all the time. I tend to hunt for materials abroad while travelling so prefer to design away from the office.  I spend my day on email, dealing with stores, press and bills for the rest of year. I am a small operation so its pretty hands on.


What other fashion blogs would you recommend?

I am really into Italian Vogue at the moment.


Fashion tip for the season?

Large Nicholas King Cuffs of course!!!


Who would play you in a movie?

I would like Brad Pitt but I canvassed my friends and family and they came up with Stephen Fry, so I figure its time for new friends!


What’s your party trick?

Sadly I am too old for most of my party tricks, not quite as flexible, so I would have to say now its my Dame Edna impression.


Who/What has been your greatest fashion influence?

From ages 19 – 22 I worked for John Galliano, so I was lucky to see him up close and working, so I would have to say him. Although my tastes and influences have maybe developed I would have to say he made the biggest impact on me. I was also lucky that he worked with people like Stephen Jones and Manolo Blanhik so I really was incredibly lucky to see them all at work.


If you owned a boutique, what would it be called?

Nicholas King & Friends.


What would it stock?

I’d love a shop that I could not only  showcase my own line but also some of my friends, whom all do wonderful things, from sisters art, my brother sculptures and projects  and then a collection of lovely things from people I like. I have some great friends who do such lovely things it would be great to team up with them.


Who’s your favourite designer and what do you love about them?

I think in the jewellery business, people like Alexis Bittar, Erikson Beamon, Tom Binns appeal to me the most. They are usually spot on with the collections and most of them inject a little humor into the collections which I think is important.
For clothing I think I would like to have a wardrobe full of Lanvin!


To clog or not to clog?

Oh no to the clogs. The most uncomfortable shoe and they look like wooden Crocs!!


If you could have any accent other than your own, what would it be?

My mother was Australian so I am pretty good at it so I’ll go with that number 1 and maybe Russian number 2.


In a nutshell your philosophy is:

I know its not a funny answer but I just want to go through life in a kind  and respectful way. Oh and have lots of fun doing it!

Fiona Paxton is a favourite with the fashion-pack with her hand embroidered beaded pieces bringing instant glamour to any outfit.

How would you describe your style?

Smart casual(if I can ride my bike in it then double points).

What does a normal working day for you consist of?

I start the day by waking up and checking my blackberry. Sad I know but I work with makers in India so they start e-mailing at about 6 a.m. Once I have got the kids up and all packed off to school I cycle to the studio and go through e-mails and any business matters. I then can start designing or working on alterations to samples. It depends which part of the season we are at so no day is the same which is what is so great about this job! I usually have meetings at some point during the day either with buyers, suppliers or just with my team going through plans and ideas. I then have to fly out the door to collect the kids and get them fed and washed. In the evening the house is quiet  so it is  a good time to design this is the only part of the day when I can be totally undisturbed and focused. I often stay up to the wee small hours working.

What other fashion blogs would you recommend?

I have to be honest and say I do not follow any in particular, I flit around but do keep coming back to, and for a breath of fresh air which looks at architecture, graphics and design.

Fashion tip of the season:

I love my chainmail necklace from this season which is two tone, oxidised and silver. It just works with everything I wear.

Who would play you in a movie?

I love slightly eccentric characters so America Ferrara would be great with maybe slightly different styling from her Ugly Betty phase.

What’s your party trick?

The only party’s I go to these days are children’s  party’s but I love a game of musical statues!

Who/what has been your greatest fashion influence?

I think being a teenager and going to art college in the early 80’s was an amazing time for fashion- the Japanese designers, Bodymap, Judy Blame and the Belgian designers. What more inspiration would a girl want growing up in the rural backwaters of Lincolnshire.

If you owned a boutique what would it be called?

The Fiona Paxton Shop

What would it stock?

It would have the most recent collection but it would be full of artifacts that have inspired that seasons collection .Each season we could tell a different story and really give a viewpoint on the season.

Who’s your Favourite designer and what do you love about them most?

I love Dries van Noten- the prints are amazing season after season.

To clog or not to clog?

I bought my last pair when I lived in New York in the early 90’s and loved them until I moved back to London and lived in an upstairs flat with wooden floors. The noise ruined it for me.

If you could have any accent other than your own….

An Irish accent is very warm and lovely.

In a nutshell your philosophy is:

What are you waiting for?  follow your dreams. Its better to try than think what if….


If your at a loose end with Jewellery Week, not knowing where to go… Here are the best of the best…

Starting today (7th of June) and running till Sunday (13th June) Jewellery Week will be taking over London, showcasing the Capitals diverse jewellery scene.

There are four main cornerstones hosting a number of events:

Treasure is a one-of-a-kind selling exhibition to be held at Victoria House on Kingsway, featuring over 80 of the best contemporary designers showcasing their latest bespoke collections.

The Goldsmiths’ Company: from the UK’s premier and oldest supporter of the jewellery trade, Goldsmiths’ Hall will be the venue for a number of special events during the week, including the launch party, a Salon Privé fashion show and its renowned Day of Knowledge.

Hatton Garden is one of the oldest jewellery quarters will host the family-friendly Hatton Garden Street Festival, featuring open-workshops, launches, activities for kids and opportunities to learn about diamonds, stones, jewellery and the history of the area.

Green Street Jewellers’ Association Based in the heart of Newham, the GSJA represents the traditional centre for London’s Asian jewellery trade and will host a series of activities, including the launch of Discover, a new consumer jewellery magazine, and a sponsored prize draw.

I’ve picked the best events that you should go to: done the leg work for you really.

Ec One Party – Thursday 10th @ 6.00pm

It’s going to be fun on Exmouth Market. You can shop with 15% off and meet über cool jewellery designers Nicholas King and Fiona Paxton, as well as taking a cheeky look at their workshop.

Dover and Hall – Monday to Sunday

Silver collections combined with unequalled quality and a feature on every girls wish list.

Annina Vogel @ Liberty – Monday to Sunday

Annina Vogel creates bespoke pieces from British antique gold jewellery, re-imagining lost heirlooms into works of art. To celebrate her residency at Liberty, Annina will be setting up a unique workshop in store to offer bespoke consultations and ‘pick and mix’ charms, allowing you to create your own custom-built and completely bespoke piece of jewellery during London Jewellery Week. YES PLEASE!

Platform Jewellery – Meet the Designer – Monday 10.30 – 5.30

Meet the contempary jewellery designer David Webdale and listen to his ideas and inspiration at the Hatton Gallery.

Afternoon Tea – Monday to Saturday 3-5.30pm

Jewellery designer Elizabeth Powell hosts afternoon tea at her Hatton Garden Studio.

Leather Lane – Wednesday to Friday

Head to the Capitals oldest street market to meet young designers/makers buy some of their work from pitches.

Swarovski @ Treasure – Thursday to Sunday

Runway rocks and Couture catwalk jewellers.  NOT TO BE MISSED

Little 15 – Thursday 10th

Little 15 launch the new collection by award-winning Alex Monroe, The Peacock and the Crow.

Treasure Launch Party – Thursday 10th 6-9pm

Check out with they have to offer with designers such as Eastern Mystic on show. We won’t miss this one!

Hatton Garden Festival – Saturday and Sunday

What better way to welcome the Summer, with a lazy stroll through London’s historic jewellery district.

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